Tamar Braxton plastic surgery

Tamar Braxton Plastic surgery for health reasons!

Tamar Braxton – American singer, songwriter, reality star and actress was born in Maryland (Severn) and is now 38 years old. She is sister of one of the greatest singer in America Toni Braxton. During her career she was nominated for Grammy award. She formed a band with her sisters called The Braxton’s. In year 2000 she went solo and released one album that didn’t do so well. The Braxton sisters reunited in year 2011 and the starter popular reality show called ” Braxton Family Values“. Tamar is married with Vincent Herbert and they have one child. As many other celebrities, Tamar has went under the knife because she wanted to look young as she once was and she had a nose job for medical reasons. Of course, intervention like that trigger many rumors and gossips around he internet forums and blogs and this topic is one of the most discussed in celebrity plastic surgery topics.

Tamar Braxton before and after plastic surgery

Tamar Braxton plastic surgery

When we talk about celebrities, it has become a normal thing to go under the knife. Even ordinary people use plastic surgery to correct some imperfections on their bodys and to gain self esteem. Almost in most cases plastic surgery gives great results, but in some cases, when it is used in wrong way or people try to accomplish something really crazy, the results can be disastrous. Here’s Tamar Braxton’s list of plastic surgeries:

Nose job

Tamar Braxton confessed that she had a nose job. As she said she didn’t have any cartilage in hernose job so anose job was needed but purely for medical reasons. A piece of cartilage was taken from her ear and was placed in her nose job and that was about it. That treatment has corrected all breathing and snoring problems.

Breast augmentation

Like many other celebrities Tamar thinks that Breasts are one of the things fans admire, As she stated “the breasts are most prominent part in a girl”. As suspected, she went for breast augmentation to make her breasts bigger (for a cup or two). She doesn’t confess of doing breast augmentation but the before and after images tell a different story.

Cheek implants and Skin bleaching

Tamar said that she didn’t have any chin implants and she also stated that she didn’t do any skin bleaching. She has a condition called vitiligo that causes skin depigmentation. Well I can’t say if she had a skin bleaching procedure but her cheeks look very different in before and after images. The change is obvious and you don’t have to be a plastic surgeon to notice the difference. Check our gallery and make your own opinion.

Tamar Braxton before and after plastic surgery


Tamar is obviously not against plastic surgery and as she said, she will probably use it again in the future. We surly hope that she doesn’t exaggerate and turn it into disaster. At her age celebrities start noticing first signs of aging and that can be very depressing. They should accept that as a normal thing and they should use plastic surgery for small tweaks and comprehend that it is impossible to turn back time.


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