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Tara Reid plastic surgery went terribly wrong

Tara Reid is just one of the top celebrities whose plastic surgery went wrong. She was a beautiful model in her late thirties when she decided to go for the surgeon’s knife in order to become more charming, attractive and sexy. The reason why she went for the knife remains unknown as before the surgery she was a great looking celebrity.

Surgery procedure that Tara Reid did:

Breast Implants.

One of the speculation as to why Tara decided to go for a breast implant is that she probably wanted to make her bra size big and round shaped, which is more sexy and attractive. Before the implant her breast was too small and she thought that this was not good for her. This was much driven by the thinking of many celebrities who thinks that it is sexy and attractive for one to have big breasts , unfortunately this celebrity got undesired results. With the main reason being unskilled plastic surgeon or inexperienced surgeon at age of 39 her breasts looked shaggy since there were too big with a thin body, their size hardly matches her body size.

Tara Reid after plastic surgery


This is yet another surgical procedure that the celebrity underwent, on her photo a shaggy skin of her tummy is seen, this procedure failed too mainly because of unskilled surgeon. It would have been better for
Tara not to go for plastic surgery or find a more qualified surgeon if it was a must. Her look before the procedure was beautiful and attractive compared to her look after the procedure.
Tara Reid breast implants

Plastic surgery can be disaster or end successfully, it has the potential of making one look more worse than before if unskillfully done this can lead to regret and lose of self-esteem. Plastic surgery has it side effects such as skin cancer it is thus important for one to be courteous before undergoing it .
Tara Reid tummy tuck

Many celebrities such as Tara have gone a lot of cosmetic procedure to improve their look or fight age, for some the procedure has gone successive but for some like Tara will live to regret their mistake. It is thus important of every celebrity not to be carried away by cosmetic procedure too fast without doing a good research of their outcome and side effect and thus eliminate future worries. Tara Reid is an example and a warning to upcoming celebrities not to be carried away by cosmetic procedures.



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