Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery

Taylor Armstrong beautiful housewife and plastic surgery


The famous television personality and pilanthropist, Taylor Armstrong is one of the most beautiful housewives the world has ever seen. It has been 5 years since she managed to claim her fame and break in to the heart of pop culture in the hit reality series “Housewives of Beverly Hills”. While she turns her key in defining the symbolic moments that grab the true essence
of reality shows, this epitome of American beauty has got a lot more to share with us when it comes to her everlasting youth.


Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery


Over the past couple of years Taylor Armstrong has undergone a wide range of cosmetic surgeries. One of the first items that were noticed was her lips.There is a prominent overall change in the shape and size of her lips. She has got her average thin lips under the knife for a full, plump lips that are well defined in the edges.
 Taylor Armstrong before and after plastic surgery

A significant change in the structure of her jawline has been noticed recently. According to the rumors, her jawline now looks more well defined and chiseled. Recent pictures of the reality star shows a perfectly balanced lips with her jawline which clearly shows a significant change in the overall facial structure.

 Taylor Armstrong before and after plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

Taylor Armstrong has undergone breast augmentation about two years ago giving her a well balanced attractive body figure. She has now spotted going for a breast remodeling touch up to maintain the bounce.


She maintains her young elegant look with the help of Botox to her cheeks, forehead and around the eye area. She also agrees in using dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Radiesse for maintaining those plump lips and cheeks.

On the Housewives premiere on october 14th,2010, Taylor has undergone Radiesse injections with the help of her personal surgeon to improve the appearance of her hollow temples. Even though the full procedure failed to appear on the show , her surgeon describes the procedure as follows “At first anesthetic is injected into the areas which has to be treated with the filler, Following the anesthetic injections, Radiesse was injected in to the balls and was carefully massaged in to Taylor’s temples.” He also says that Radiesse injections are excellent for face volumizing and the procedure had fantastic results on her.

 Taylor Armstrong botox fillers

List of likely procedures Taylor Armstrong has undergone.

  1. Lip augmentation
  2. Botox
  3. Breast augmentation
  4. Face lift
  5. Chin lift


The reality star is quite obsessed with maintaining younger looks and sadly she prefers plastic surgery over leading a healthy life style. Taylor, who turns 44 this june looks much younger than her age and also looks like a completely different person when compared to her teenage photos.

For the star, plastic surgery has worked pretty well to enhance her luscious beauty. She had experienced very hard condition in her personal life starting from domestic violence
and her suicidal husband. Now she says that she is trying to start a new life and looking better makes it less hard for her. For Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery might be the fountain of her youth and as long as it works for her, nobody has got any complaints.

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