Taylor Swift plastic surgery

Taylor Swift – plastic surgery to magnify her beauty?

Taylor Swift is the most famous cute American diva of Hollywood who was born in 13th December, 1989. She is also a great actress. She started her career in music at the age of her 14. This Grammy Award winner gorgeous singer has great popularity worldwide. She also popular for her girlish pretty and beautiful natural look. But, it is true that all of her beauty is not natural. She has taken the help of plastic surgeries to magnify her beauty. Though this 24 year old pop singer refuses to admit that she has done plastic surgeries to amplify her beauty; it is pretty much sure that she had applied some cosmetic procedures comparing to her previous appearances and present appearances.

Taylor Swift before and after plastic surgery

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

Breast Implants and Augmentation

According to Taylors speech, she doesn’t like to go under the knife to improve the sex appeal. Yet, it is obvious that she has lifted up her breasts through plastic surgeries. If, you see the pictures of her a few years back, you will find that she had small and sloping breasts and even, those breasts of Taylor weren’t too explicit. It is claimed by several expert plastic surgeons that she has also enlarged her breast through plastic surgeries. She had the breast size of A; but, now it is apparently B or C. So, it can be said that the news of her Breast implant is not merely a rumor. There is also a dubious mark right under her breasts, which indicates that she has gone under the knife. This mark wasn’t present there few years ago. She has also used the breast augmentation procedure to make those breasts more visible. Though, Taylor never admits to taking the help of cosmetic surgeries to enhance her beauty; this unexplainable radical change clearly indicates to the application of plastic surgeries. But, it is pretty obvious that Taylor Swift looks much more attractive and sexier now than before.

Taylor Swift before and after breast augmentation

Nose Job

Taylor Swift has a very pointed and thin nose that perfectly suits on her. But, her previous pictures reveal that this beautiful and thin nose of Taylor is not 100% real. She has applied the partial rhinoplasty procedure to change the shape of her nose and so, her nose is more refined and thinner now. It is very common to apply the rhinoplasty procedure to reshape the nose to a desired state among the Hollywood celebrities. Taylor is also not an exemption. Yet, she has applied partial nose job and the plastic surgery of Taylor Swift is so subtle that it hasn’t changed the shape of nose completely, but enhanced her beauty a lot. ‘One-layer’ nose reduction surgery has given Taylor a perfect forward pointed nose which has reshaped her face.


Taylor’s plastic surgeries didn’t change her appearance radically, but just removed the problems of her face and breasts. So, it seems that all her beauty is natural, though it is not. Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift looks more gorgeous, glamorous and appealing now than ever before and this beauty queen is treated and adored like a beauty icon in Hollywood.


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