Teyana Taylor plastic surgery

Teyana Taylor is rumored to have had plastic surgery procedures

Teyana Taylor plastic surgeries

Plastic surgery has received quite a lot of attention in the fashion and celebrity industry today. This is most likely because celebs are relying on plastic surgery procedures so as to maintain their youthful looks. Most of the celebs who have plastic surgery done to them are mainly categorized as the epic fail and complete success. Most of the celebs are in the category of epic fail because they end up getting the top plastic surgery procedures. Among the celebs who are known to have had plastic surgery is Teyana Taylor.

Teyana Taylor is a recording artist and an actress from Harlem, New York. Teyana was born ion 10th December the year 1990. She is a popular R&B singer who has collaborated with famous artists such as Usher, Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams and Omarion. Taylor has also been seen on the Fashion Week runways which have made her feature in My Beautiful Dark by Kanye West. Teyana has also featured in films like The Start Up, Brotherly Love, Cruel Summer, Madea’s Big Happy Family and others.

Teyana Taylor plastic surgery

Teyana is also rumored to have had a number of cosmetic surgery procedures.


Teyana is speculated of having had a nose job. This was after she posted a photo of herself, Karrueche and Chris Brown during a celebration of the release of her new single. Most people gave her nose more concentration than they did to her news. In her before pictures, Teyana is seen to have a wider nose, but in her recent photos, it appears that her nose has had some changes and seems to be slimmer and smaller. The changes of her nose are believed to be a result of rhinoplasty. It has made her appear more natural even than before even if she has never confirmed to this rumor.

Teyana Taylor before and after plastic surgery

Butt Implants

Teyana is also believed to have had butt implants. Most people say that she had this procedure so as to enhance the size of her buttocks. In her before pictures, Teyana is seen to be extremely slender and have nothing much on her behind. Her recent pictures, Teyana appears to have bigger and fuller butts. This is clear evidence that the singer has had butt implants and that is why we can see a major change in her butt from her before and after surgery photos.

Teyana has never commented on the speculations made against her of having had plastic surgery procedures so as to get her looks. Most of her fans believe that these plastic surgeries suited her well because unlike many stars, Teyana has not had many cosmetic procedures done and she has still maintained her natural looks even with these procedures. Other people also speculate that Teyana achieved all of her appearance changes with the help of makeup. But if you can think about it in a critical way, no makeup would give someone a bigger buttock.


The issue of plastic surgery is something that is not getting away soon. It is also something that many celebs are going for to maintain their youthful appearance as well as fix some of their flaws. So whether Teyana had plastic surgery or not is something that is still debatable until she confirms the rumors.


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