Tila Tequila plastic surgery

Tila Tequila and plastic surgery. Did she go too far?

Tila Tequila and plastic surgery. Did she go too far?

We know her as an American model, and we have certainly seen her in man’s magazines, such as the famous Playboy. She had her own tv show called “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”.
She had many procedures done and that is a well-known fact, and especially the changes of her breasts are known to many. Did she go too far? It’s up to you to decide.

Tila Tequila had multiple breast implants, her breast started as the modest A cup breasts than she got herself B cups when she started modeling, and these breasts suited her perfectly, but she later ended up with huge D cup breasts that are obviously fake. She got her first implants when she started her career, around the age of 18, and everybody agrees that she should have stopped when she got B cup breasts because these new D cups look way too big for her tiny frame giving her the cheap porn star look. She is 4’ 11’’ tall. She also admits that she has had cosmetic surgery for her breasts.

Tila Tequila plastic surgery

But big breasts aren’t enough for this star! She had procedures done on her face as well, including, of course, botox, plump lips and also her jaw line looks different.

There is a possibility that her narrow nose is a result of the earlier rhinoplasty procedure.

Another procedure that this girl had has a shocking story behind it.

There is a festival for The Insane Clown Posse fans, called the Gathering of the Juggalos, and Tila Tequila performed there (or tried too), when the crowd threw at her anything they could find. Winning the crowd over by flashing her big fake breasts at them didn’t work so she went back to her trailer and took pictures of her scared face. She then started selling those pictures to the media specializing in gossip. After that, she also sued the promoters of this festival. After looking at these pictures of her with all the scratches and bruises on her face, the procedures that she has later done to her face became very obvious.

Tila Tequila after plastic surgery

You think that’s shocking? There is one page on the internet that says Tila Tequila got a „pregnancy implant“, first of its kind done in the United States. She said she thinks that pregnant women are very beautiful and that this procedure is the next best thing to actually being pregnant. The fake pregnancy bump was designed to last like a real pregnancy, about 9 months. It is not known whether this is true because there where news about her fake pregnancy and her fake miscarriage where the truth about all this got lost. So we’ll stick to what we know for sure.

Tila Tequilla has now really had a baby, and it is unknown whether she lost the baby fat on her own, or again turned to her favorite type of doctors for a helpful hand.

We are guessing that this particular star is not done with plastic surgery, and we are sure that we will be hearing more about her procedures in the future, since, as she ages, we are sure that she will continue using botox injections.


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