Tim Mcgraw plastic surgery

Tim McGraw – Makeover using Plastic Surgery?

Tim McGraw – Makeover using Plastic Surgery?

The one thing that seems to be more plentiful than artists in the entertainment industry seems to be plastic surgery. Though not all actors go under the knife, some get so many procedures done that they make up for the remainder. A few special cases go so far as to have had so much plastic surgery, they could probably have shared out all their procedures among the entire industry and still had a few to spare. The question is whether Tim McGraw is part of the plastic surgery set or whether it’s all just hard work behind those before and after photos.

Tim Mcgraw plastic surgery

Did Tim McGraw Get a Helping Scalpel?

A few years ago, Tim McGraw surprised everyone by changing completely. Though he was never really what we could call seriously overweight, he did have a certain softness about him. And, according to the country singer himself, he tended to drink a little more than he should.

So, he decided he needed to change his life because he wanted to be there for his kids, which is admirable. What’s even more impressive is that he actually went through with it. Many people make promises and set resolutions but never follow through. However, McGraw didn’t just follow through – he smashed his goal out of the water.

Now, to be fair, it’s easy to assume he might have had plastic surgery by looking at his before and after pictures. He looks almost completely different. He went from a soft teddy bear to a lean, mean fighting machine. But anyone who’s ever had a body like McGraw has now can attest to the fact that plastic surgery can only get you so far. And to be completely honest, we don’t think Tim’s had any surgery to speak of.

Tim Mcgraw before and after plastic surgery

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Could Tim McGraw Have Had Done?

As his before and after photos show, most of the changes in Tim are the result of weight loss. His features are more well-defined and his body… Well, let’s just say the man is cut and we could spend hours extolling the virtues of every muscle.

Now, how could plastic surgery have helped? Maybe a little liposuction here and there, but we doubt it. His face is proof enough that he actually lost the weight and somehow, we don’t see Tim going to get fat sucked out of his face and body.

Then there’s the fact that liposuction will not give anyone a six pack or those popping biceps and triceps. Remove the fat and you’ll be left with the soft muscles you had before. What does that mean? It means that McGraw had to spend time in the gym to get those muscles and lots of it.

And what’s the natural result of spending time in the gym to build muscle? Weight loss, of course. So, we really believe that Tim hasn’t had any plastic surgery done – and don’t even go there with implants, please – and we are convinced that the awesomeness of his before and after pictures are entirely owed to hard work and determination.


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