Tina Fey plastic surgery

Tina Fey Is she really using plastic surgery?

Tina Fey Is she really using plastic surgery?

Tina Fey is not only a comedian but also a writer, an actress, and a tv producer. She has won many awards and we enjoyed watching her, but couldn’t help ourselves but wonder – how does she stay so beautiful and youthful all these years? Is it plastic surgery?

We can not be sure, but there are rumors that the well-known female comedian Tina Fey, has had some procedures done. We, of course, mean plastic surgery. The media constantly compares the old and new pictures of this comedy star and speculates that she has had many procedures done. One of the things that we always noticed about her was a scar on her face, which she says (in her book “Bossypants”) she got as a child when a stranger cut her face.

Tina Fey plastic surgery

Scar on her face?

Now the scar seems to be gone, so many people believe that she had it removed by plastic surgery. If not, where did the scar go? Is it possible that she managed, after all these years, to simply suddenly hide it with makeup? We don’t think so.

Breast augmentation

Also, her breasts appear larger than before, so it is speculated that she has had a breast job, as well as a nose job since her nose seems different than before, but we can not be sure. All we know is that her nose looked bulbous before, where in the recent pictures it looks slimmer. The rumors of her plastic surgeries started spreading after viewers noticed her changed facial and other features.

Botox injections

What we now for a fact is that Tina Fey said she is against plastic surgery, and even botox injections are just not her thing. However, her viewers don’t seem to believe her, so they speculate that she also had botox injection by judging her old and new photos.

It’s hard to say whether these plastic surgeries are absolutely a fact because, despite the many rumors and relations between this comedian and plastic surgery, there is no strong evidence to prove it. But couldn’t we just trust our eyes?

Tina Fey before and after plastic surgery

She does in fact, look younger compared to other females that are the same age as her, and from her old and new pictures of her, the difference isn’t hard to spot. Tina Fey, who has two children, was born in May, 1970, and is now 45 years old. Even though she had probably had plastic surgery, she has never admitted that. Let us just be clear on one thing, have you ever seen a 45-year-old woman without a frown line on her face that didn’t get botox injections?

And that’s not all, Tina Fey’s face looks youthful and frozen in time, and her forehead doesn’t have any wrinkles. Judging by her smooth skin and flawless face without any wrinkles, we suppose she was undergoing laser treatments, as well as chemical peels, but many put their bets on botox.

We are not complaining about Tina Fey’s plastic surgery, and we would love her just the same if all of that is truly done, we would only like that she admits it so we now for sure. Before and after pictures are still some kind of proof.


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