Tom Brady plastic surgery

Tom Brady – Football players use plastic surgery too

Tom Brady – Football players use plastic surgery too

Tom Brady is an American football player, a quarterback, for the New England Patriots. He was born August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California.

In his early days, he attended the San Francisco 49ers games regularly at Candlestick Park where he became a fan of Joe Montana. He played baseball, basketball, in high school and attended football camp at the college of San Mateo. His professional career began in the 2000 as a draft pick into the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady after plastic surgery

There have been a lot of speculation on Tom’s career on how he changed over the years from a goofy looking kid, at the beginning of his career, to an extremely hot football star. Some say he uses the gym, some say he is on medication, others plainly stated that he did plastic surgery. Those with the speculation of plastic surgery are in a way right. Tom did do plastic surgery, but for very touching reasons.

This was as a result of very significant medical alterations to his face, hair and teeth from plastic surgery jobs.

The jobs were done so well that one could term them almost perfect. Let us start with his hair.

Tom Brady was slowly balding at the top of his head and his hairline was also creeping in. This led to huge pressure from his fans to get a hair job. When he couldn’t take the pressure anymore he started consulting hair specialists in 2010 and finally got the job done in 2011. If you ask Tom today if he has any regrets listening to his fans I’m sure he’d negate that because it’s no news that he’s enjoying his new natural hair looks.

Tom Brady before plastic surgery

Now, to his teeth.

Tom Brady’s teeth veneering was done by the NY Center For Cosmetic Dentistry. The teeth job doesn’t have much speculation, but be assured that Tom Bradly’s smile would rock your world as the job was perfectly done. It was a real confidence booster for Tom Brady as he flaunts them in photo shoots and magazines.

Finally, his face.

As a football star Tom Brady was exposed to several injuries. Either major or minor, disfiguring or not, Tom had those injuries which left some permanent dents, sags and scars to his face. To have a face without dents, sags and scars, Tom had to opt in for plastic surgery. After accompanying his wife to Paris, Tom secretly went to meet with the best face workers in the face lifting and altering cosmetic business, Tom’s face was like a face revealed from underneath a mask. Like a 180 degree turn around. This is something Tom Brady keeps private and, this, at the same time surprises his fans who show some concern about Tom Brady. The face job originally intended to eliminate the dents, scars and sags on his face was castigated by his fans who claim they’re proud of his old face with the dents, sags and scars because it shows the hard work which he does on the pitch with each of those scars and dents having a story to be told.


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