Tom Cruise plastic surgery

Tom Cruise is becoming younger with help of plastic surgery

With the passage of time, people grow old but Tom Cruise is becoming young day by day. So, what is the mystery behind? Over all look of Tom is a miracle. In my opinion, the Hollywood star is deceiving the time. Let us try to sort out the myth. What is the secret behind Tom’s young looking face? Is it natural or modified through various plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

According to the sources, Tom Cruise has recently spent $50,000 to fill his face with the fats extracted from his own body. The results are good and amazing. Tom actually likes his appearance of Mission Impossible that was released in 1996. He wants his face cuts like the same as they were in 1996.

Tom Cruise after plastic surgery

It is clear from his youthful appearance that he had undergone plastic surgery but the top actor denied it totally. He claimed that he would never use such methods to maintain his beautiful and charming appearance. He totally denied the rumors of cosmetic or plastic surgery and raised the slogan of natural beauty.

One of the interesting statements about the 52 years old Mission Impossible guy came from famous plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. Dr Anthony claimed that Tom Cruise had plastic surgery to maintain the beauty of face. His face looks puffy and young. He further added that the Hollywood star had his sculpture on his face in recent time. It is evident from his swollen face and change in the face cuts. The doctor has also commented that Tom Cruise had also used Botox injections to keep himself young. As a matter of fact, rumors about Tom are not just rumors but they are actually true to a greater extent. He is still hot and sexy and how is it possible to look so young at the age of 52 without any kind of plastic surgery.

Rejuvenating is also not a speculation in the case of Tom Cruise. It is reported that the actor had undergone surgeries with his nose and teeth. If you compare Tom’s recent photos with previous ones, it is quite clear. His nose has become slimmer and sharper than earlier. Tip of the nose is also smaller and sharper now. These are the clear and blatant evidences of plastic surgery. What about the teeth surgery? Well, Tom’s teeth look significantly better than earlier. They look more neat, smooth and beautiful.

Tom Cruise before and after plastic surgery

It is also interesting that after separating from Katie Holmes, Tom is trying really hard to look fresh and young. His puffy look is revealing several mysteries. There are rumors that the actor had a plastic surgery around his eyes to hide wrinkles. You can clearly see that the eyes of Tom Cruise are wider than earlier. The appearance of eyes now looks fresher suggesting that the actor had a blepharoplasty. Excess skin has been removed and the skin now looks tight, smooth and fresh.

There are several rumors about Tom’s surgery and we have enough evidence to prove that there actually exists some truth. If the speculations are true then Tom must be added in the list of actors who had undergone the knife.

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