Tom Jones looking young using plastic surgeries

Tom Jones looking young using plastic surgeries

Sir Thomas John Woodward, popularly known as Tom Jones, was born in June seventh, nineteen forty and is one of the most popular singers of British origin. Three of his grandparents were of English origin. Tom Jones’ rise to fame started when he became the frontman for the Welsh band Tommy Scott and the Senators where he was discovered by his manager and later on sung his first hit, the country song Green, Green Grass of Home… In his forty years in the music and showbiz industry, he has had Top Ten hits in every decade. His hits include Green Green Grass of Home, Delilah and It’s Not Unusual, and, of course, who hasn’t heard of his hit song Sex Bomb?

Tom Jones plastic surgery

Just like any normal person, our looks would change as we grow old and celebrities would try to do their best to look younger and better but Jones seems to be trying hard to do. You may check his pictures to see how Tom Jones looks have dramatically changed over the years. You can also take a look at his photos before and after his cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery may bring out some positive results such as improved looks and greater confidence in celebrities, however, the negative effects of it shouldn’t be taken lightly as well. After all, it is still surgery and surgery means that you have to go under the knife and going under the knife is not a completely pleasant thing to do. Still, many celebrities choose to do it, especially if you already have the money to undergo plastic surgery, and Tom Jones is just one of those celebrities.

But unlike other celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery but refuse to admit it, Tom Jones openly admitted that he did have plastic surgery and other jobs on his face. He openly spoke about the plastic surgery done on his nose, chin, and eyes. He grew a goatee to hide some scars on his chin left by his surgery. He also became addicted to plastic surgery that his doctor himself advised him to discontinue doing so to avoid any harm.

Tom Jones plastic surgery

Although the Sex Bomb singer said he had the “heaviness taken out of his eyelids”, his teeth capped, and his nose straightened, he also said that he would not try Botox.

While he had undergone plastic surgery, Tom Jones also decided to go natural with one part of his body, his gray aging hair and revealed that he attracted female attention with this single decision.

His plastic surgeon told him that he still had to look as natural as he can.

His doctor told him that his left face would collapse if he still undergoes another plastic surgery. Only time will tell, however, if Tom Jones would listen to his doctor’s advice. We and thousands of his fans surely hope that he would . It is for his own good. We had rather choose to see and hear singing a wrinkled-faced tom Jones than a younger looking singer but with his left face drooping.


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