Toni Braxton plastic surgery

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery adventures

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery adventures

It’s no secret that Toni Braxton is one of the most popular singers in the American music industry today and has been for some time. Originally rising to fame in the 1990s, it didn’t take long for Braxton to establish her talent as an R&B singer and proceeding to become one of the most successful female musical artists in America.

It’s also no secret that Toni Braxton has had a lot of plastic surgery done to her, but it wasn’t until the last few years that she actually came forward herself to discuss the surgeries she’s had done with the world.

Toni Braxton plastic surgery

Nose Job

Toni Braxton admitted to having nose job done all the way back in the early 1990s. But she didn’t begin to invest heavily in more detailed and noticeable nose plastic surgeries until the 2000s, and she finally came forward with it publicly (along with other plastic surgeries) in 2010. While her nose is notably different than before, it’s only a small part of her that has physically changed.


It’s clear that Toni has had extensive work done to her face even though she didn’t publicly admit this one like she did the nose work. Experts in the field have noted that significant changes have been made to her face over the years; things that could only have been accomplished via extensive plastic surgery. The goal of the facelift was clearly to give her a more youthful look, and most would agree that the surgeries have to be considered successful because she looks definitely looks a lot younger for a woman who is her age.

Breast Implants

Unlike the facelift, Toni Braxton actually came forward with this one just as she did the nose job. The goal of the breast implants, Braxton claims, was to give her a more beautiful look concurrent with the nose work she had done, because she believed that her breasts were too small. Regardless of whether one believes she was right to have gone forward with the breast implants or should have kept her natural look, there’s no denying that Braxton accomplished what her heart wanted.

Toni Braxton before and after plastic surgery

Toni Braxton is just one of numerous celebrities who has evidently or publicly admitted that they have had plastic surgery. For some of these celebrities (without naming names), the plastic surgeries were clearly a disaster, but for Braxton just the opposite resulted. What’s worse, is that many of the celebrities who have had poor quality plastic surgeries done will only get more plastic surgeries in attempt to remedy their new look, but with only more dismal results.

Braxton hasn’t said on whether or not she plans on getting more plastic surgery done to her in the future, but for now, it’s clear that the main surgeries she has had done has given her the more youthful and beautiful look that she wanted, something she reckons that is so much important in shaping her career and helps her keep up with the changing trends in the world of celebrity . She may not look like exactly the same person she was when she exploded onto the music industry scene in the early 1990s, but she definitely looks equally as if not more vibrant and beautiful.


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