Tori Spelling plastic surgery

Tori Spelling bad breast augmentation and great nose job plastic surgery

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery       

Tori Spelling was born in Los Angeles, California on 16th May 1973. She is a mother of four, actress and author. Her first acting role was in Beverley Hills 90210. She has also had other roles in TV and films. The pretty faced actress has received a lot of media attention from both her talent and appearance. Plastic surgery rumors have been leveled against her from a very young age. She has transformed her facial appearance and her breast size also increased dramatically. She has had an eventful life despite success in her career. She has also had to deal with physical conditions which may have led her to undergoing plastic surgery.

Tori Spelling after nose and breasts plastic surgery

Rumors are speculated that she has only had a nose job and breast implants. Tori remained in constant denial until 2008 when she admitted to having had had these procedures. She had her reasons to deny these allegations but it is the opinion of many that it is a good thing she has owned up to them. She has also said she has regretted having the breast augmentation procedure done especially after learning it interferes with breast feeding. Although this may not be the only reason, the breast job is believed to have been plastic surgery gone wrong. A rarity and honorable that she has confirmed allegations.

Breast Augmentation

Looking at photos, it is easy to notice an increase in her cup size. Increase in size also warrants her body shape and size. Also highlights that the procedure was carried out by an inexperienced surgeon. Plastic surgery gone wrong. A botched implant gone wrong. Hollow spaces can be seen on her breasts. Cup area looks slanted and can be seen as almost deformed. Corrective surgery would benefit Tori Spelling by getting the job done by a professional. Other option is to have implants removed and invest in push up bras could do the trick. A breast augmentation gone wrong – not only the breast curve that suffers but also the body shape.


It can also be seen that nothing went wrong with the nose job that Tori had. To reduce the size of her nostrils and the tip of her nose she had a reduction rhinoplasty done. Tori’s view is that she had this done after being inspired by her mum. Her mum told her that she would better with a more thinner and elegant nose. Mum was right. Tori looks fabulous.

Tori Spelling before and after plastic surgery

She needs the pretty face to succeed. The mother of four is a celebrated beauty, however it is advisable, she should consider having corrective breast surgery done before it gets in the way of her career.

Her appearance seems weird to some. Her beautiful looks pre plastic surgery were admired by all. After plastic surgery procedures had been done, she is almost unrecognizable.

Not only has she had breast implants, but she has also had other plastic surgery procedures like a nose job. Her nose looks thinner and sharper. Tori doesn’t feel satisfied with the results. She has also revealed that her face and lips have been injected with some fillers like Botox and Restylane. Her face now looks frozen and unnatural as if there are no expressions at all. Her lips also look bigger than before.

We hope that she will core ct her breasts and that she will stop or significantly reduce filler usage before it’s too late.


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