Tyra Banks plastic surgery

Tyra Banks plastic surgery and a nose job

Tyra Banks got a nose job and we can all agree that she looks prettier with the new nose as seen from the before and after photos. Before the nose job, Tyra had a wide and big nose. After the surgery, the nasal bridge seem lower than the tip and the nostrils look wider too. Also the overall appearance of the nose seems slimmer than before. This nose job makes her look sharper than before which makes her look prettier. Her nose job is also not over done but instead has just enhanced her looks. She is proof that plastic surgery is not such a bad thing if it is not overly done and if it is done well.

Tyra Banks after nose job

Tyra Banks plastic surgery before and after

Tyra Banks in her career as a model, she has spent several years trying to redefine America’s concept of beauty. She has always believed that a woman should discover her inner beauty first. She also supports the view that using plastic surgery to enhance natural looks is “actually fantastic” and even shared a few stories of how she has also struggled with body image.

Tyra Banks during an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, reviled that she hates it when models say that plastic surgery is wrong. According to her, plastic surgery is like winning a genetic lottery. She stated that “you go round looking like a specimen that makes people feel insecure and you are ridiculing someone for getting plastic surgery”? She further added that it is not fair that some people are born with certain things.

Tyra’s defense of plastic surgeries and her repulsion against the stigmas that come with them originate from her past struggles with body and weight issues. She told reporters that she has been on both sides of body struggles. Starting with her growth disorder that made it impossible for her to gain weight as a child. Then suddenly gaining weight on her breasts and hips which even put her modelling career at risk. Because of these experiences, Tyra is one of the people in the fashion industry that supports models that are naturally proportioned. She describes the pressure that most models go through including going to an extent of starving themselves in order to have the bodies that they see on magazines.

Later in the same interview she was asked if she would consider going for esthetic surgery and she replied that she positively would. She said that she is lucky to be a Black woman because Asian and Black women have strong skin. But if she ever gets wrinkles, she would consider having some Botox fillers.

Tyra Banks before and after plastic surgery

In the meantime, Tyra Banks is pursuing other future goals. Based on the success of Asian Next Top Model, she hopes to start a franchise for larger models and an all-male program. According to her, she still doesn’t think that she has done enough to convince her boss about a masculine version of her successful modelling competition show. But she hopes that the male program will take off soon. For now we will have to just wait and see what Tyra’s next big move will be.



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