Uma Thurman plastic surgery

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery for a different face?

Uma Karuna Thurman is a reputed model and actress of the USA. She was born in 29th April in 1970. She has acted in numerous movies and dramas as the leading actress. We have also seen her in several action and science fiction movies. Her career in Hollywood was started in 1988. Since then, she has walked a long way in Hollywood.

There is pretty strong rumor that this successful and gorgeous actress has gone under the knife to improve her beauty. Some expert plastic surgeons agree with the rumor and some experts use to disagree. Let’s discuss in detail about what the fact is.

Uma Thurman before and after plastic surgery

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

This 45 year old actress has a quite smooth and filled cheeks and forehead. It is also clearly visible that she hasn’t got any wrinkles in her face or body. It is simply possible that people can maintain their age through exercise and healthy food habits. But, in the case of Uma Thurman, the situation is a bit different and strange. She looks totally different than her previous appearances. This type of radical and instant change is only possible through several plastic surgeries. According to several experts, Uma Thurman has injected Botox into her forehead to get rid of the aging wrinkles. She has also injected Juvederm or Restylane in her cheeks to elevate those and to give them more youthful look. Possibly she has also lifted her brow. Through the liquid face-lift procedure, she has got new and fresh look that is pretty cool. But, due to the modification of her eyes and eyebrows, her beauty has become a strange thing to accept. The eyes have become very small and tight and it has somewhat backfired. Those modified eyes of her doesn’t fit perfectly in her face. So, now she looks quite stranger than before. Presumably, she has also reshaped her nose through the rhinoplasty procedure. It is more fine-tuned now. There is also a strong probability that she has removed the fat around her eyes.

Uma Thurman Consequences of Plastic Surgery

It is taken for granted that gorgeous Uma Thurman has applied too many plastic surgery procedures to modify and refine her beauty. But, the plastic surgeries are not very fundamental. So, they have changed minimal portion of Uma Thurman. It is also confirmed that Uma Thurman has applied the plastic surgeries only in her face and neck. She hasn’t applied those procedures in her butt, breasts or somewhere else. Unfortunately, these trivial changes of her face through cosmetic procedures has lead her to a very devastating way.

Uma Thurman before and after plastic surgery

Her look has been altered completely though the changes were very trivial. Her fans haven’t taken this change of her appearances very softly. A lot of controversies are roaming around her as her appearance is quite strange now. Due to eyebrow lift, her eyes are seeming very small and peculiar now. Her nose has also been modified according to her new eyebrow. So, it has only added an insult to the injury and supported more strange look of her face. Sometimes, the outcome of the plastic surgeries goes terribly wrong not only for a bad surgery, but also for bad choice. Considering all we can say that, at this moment, Uma Thurman plastic surgery is a disaster. You may ask why at the moment… Well, botox and other filler will reduce in time and maybe, just maybe we will see Uma that we once new.


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