Vaani Kapoor plastic surgery

Vaani Kapoor has undergone plastic surgery?

Vaani Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Vaani Kapoor was born o 23rd August in the year 1988, Delphi. She is one of the talented and popular Indian Actress and also among the coolest model. Vaani went to India Gandhi National University to pursue tourism studies and later went for an internship in Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. She worked hard to be a model under the Elite Model Management. She made her first appearance on TV in the 2009 Sony Television Series Specials. Vaani debut was in the Bollywood movie called Shuddh Desi Romance. After her debut, she signed a 3-year contract with the Yash Raj films to be an actress.

Has Vaani Kapoor Undergone Plastic Surgery?

It is clear that plastic surgery procedures are becoming one of the most wanting things among the celebs in Bollywood and Hollywood. There are various stars from Bollywood who have undergone plastic surgery in the past years, but the list just got longer. When Vaani was new in her acting career, her fans noticed some drastic changes on her face which made many people speculate that she has already started using cosmetic procedures so that she may enhance her looks. It was a bit hard to see the changes, but after Vaani’s Befikre movie trailer was showcased, her appearance had changed completely mainly around her lips.

Vaani Kapoor plastic surgery

Rumors also say that Vaani looks very different compared to how she looked in her debut back in the year 2013. Regardless of the rumors, this actress definite in her stance that she did not go for plastic surgery.

Lip implants

It appears that Vaani had had lip injections. When you compare Vaani’s before and after photos, you will see the big difference on her lips. It appears like she had dermal fillers injected into her lips. The lip injection has made her appear so changed. At times, plastic surgery turns out negative on many celebs and just like Vaani, it seems that her liposuction did her no good but leave her looking ugly. People are left wondering why she did the lip job and there before she still had a natural shape on the lips which looked so perfect on her and made her look so amazing on cameras too. Whoever advised her to have the lip job relay messed her because she looks to have a very negative effect on her new lips.

When Vaani Kapoor was asked about the surgery, she denied it saying that she has lost weight and that is the reason her face has changed. She also claims that her photos were shot in Paris and it was freezing; therefore, the cameras kept on zooming thus making her face appears different.

Vaani Kapoor before and after plastic surgery


It is very rare to see celebs who admit of having gone for plastic surgery to enhance their looks, just like Vaani Kapoor denied. Cosmetic surgery is just like a taboo focus that stars refrain talking about. Many celebs have had a positive result when they get their surgery, unlike Vaani who appeared to have a negative result. It would have been good if she never had her lip job because it left her with an ugly face than she used to be.


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