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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, plastic surgery, before and after

Did The Young Actress Vanessa Hudgens have Plastic Surgery ?

Vanessa is now being the talked main headline by many people, As she is already young and pretty and they all considering it just a rumour about Vanessa Hudgens. If these rumours are true then her fans feel awkward and regret that what she had done to her face to enhance her beauty. As she became the headline topic in most of people, Vanessa has not released any statement about her surgery. It seems that she wants to keep her beauty enhancement secret.

Memoir : Vanessa Hudgens

An famous American actress and singer, Vanessa Anne Hudgens born on 14December, 1988 a 28 year old actress lives in Salinas , California, US, and raised as a Roman Catholic. She started her career in 2002 and she is still in this field. She worked in many films and other television series for Disney Channel from which she got her fame. It is reasonable that when someone works in this field , and become rising star, their life remains no more personal, everyone just talk about them, people starts adopting their lifestyles, gossip about them and they every time people are excited that what is happening in their life and also they are curious to know that what they do to keep their beauties. And when celebrities do some surgeries to enhance their beauties , then these type of news got spreaded among all people like fire whether it is true or not. Same in the case of Vanessa Hudgens, no one is sure that is it just a rumour or true that Hudgens did plastic surgery.

Vanessa Hudgens plastic surgery

Did she sculpted her Nose: Rhinoplasty

In rhinoplasty, surgery is performed on nose to straighten the bride of nose, to carve the unsightly hump on nose or reshaping the tip of the nose. This type of surgery is not performed until the nose reaches its adult size. Now the question arises did Vanessa Hudgens have sculpted her nose as there is no official statement from her side. But this thing also seems difficult for Vanessa Hudgens to hide her nose. It also appears that changes on her nose are just because of makeup. But when you see picture of Hudgens from every angle then you know that there are minor changes in her nose as she didn’t have any drastic changes, but the thing is that the minor changes in her nose are enough for her fans to believe that she had done something to enhance her face beauty. When you see her old pictures, it is easy to see that Hudgens had a big wide nose then it is not just a rumour that she had undergone nose surgery.

Vanessa Hudgens before and after plastic surgery

Carved Boobs: Breast Augmentation

It is not like that Vanessa Hudgens enhanced her beauty by only altering her nose, she had also undergone some breast surgery too. In this type of surgery, saline is filled in the breast to enhance size of breasts. Like nose she had not reduced the size of her boobs in fact she undergone breast augmentation. This surgery in Vanessa Hudgens is not too significant , but sometimes in some dresses her breasts looks more bigger. If you compare between her before and after pictures then you know that Vanessa Hudgens breast size does have some enhanced and improved. There also many disputes between her fans regarding her breasts as according to some her breasts are natural and some are saying that she did surgery to enhance the size of her breastss.


As all consider that she is too young to get any surgery procedure, but also she looks pretty with her current reshaped nose and looks sexy with her improved breasts. Her new nose is perfect with her smile by enhancing her beauty. She looks more beautiful with her new changes.

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