Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery

Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery for perfect 40’s

Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery

Born in California, Vanessa Marcil has been acting since she was eight. Known for her beauty and talent, Marcil’s looks definitely don’t match her age. In fact, she appears to have gone even more beautiful in her late 40’s. Comparing her older photos with recent ones, there seems to be some noticeable changes in her appearance. Although she has never confirmed going through a plastic surgery procedure, her photos trigger an opposing opinion.



Rhinoplasty or the nose job is one of the most common plastic surgeries for actresses in Hollywood. Judging by before and after photos of Vanessa Marcil, it is quite likely that she has followed the trend as well. Given her much slimmer nose with a more pronounced end, the actress seems to have undergone rhinoplasty. Remaining to be a rumor not confirmed by Marcil, the change is not so drastic yet visible.
Vanessa Marcil before and after plastic surgery


With beautiful brown eyes and a lovely smile, Marcil’s face has always been considered beautiful. Looking at her last appearances though, her skin complexion seems even better than before with an obvious tightness and freshness. Her face is indeed totally free of wrinkles and lines. Considering her age, Marcil’s smooth skin with perfect texture makes one think that she has possibly had Botox inj
Vanessa Marcil before and after plastic surgery


Breast Implants

Another rumor regarding Vanessa Marcil is about a possible breast implants. Known to have a bra size of 34B, Marcil’s last appearances on media seem to suggest otherwise. Her breasts indeed look larger and rounder than before. Yet, this is another speculation unconfirmed by the beautiful actress.

The Result

It still remains uncertain if Vanessa Marcil has undergone any plastic surgeries. Although the comparison between her before and after photos hints at possible operations, the beautiful actress denies all the rumors. Overall, maintaining her beautiful looks with a youthful complexion, Vanessa Marcil seems to be lucky if she has gone through these plastic surgeries as speculated.

What do you think about Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery procedures? Do you think they were done correctly?

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