Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery

Vicki Gunvalson insecurity and plastic surgery

 If there are people in the showbiz industry who are shy to admit in public that they have gone under the knife in order to improve their looks, Vicki Gunvalson is definitely not one of them. The star of The Real House Wives of Orange County has been very open about her choice of going under the knife. As far as she is concerned, she says if anything makes you feel better about yourself, you should get it done and not bother about what people will think.

Vickis life is full of drama. Mind you, not only from being on the real House Wives of Orange County set. Her real life is one big mess, calamities after calamites are happening. Right after she ended her marriage of many years, she decided the best way to get over it would be by getting a plastic surgery done. Her costars felt she was acting too insecure and did not hesitate to slam her. Two of them, Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were extremely vocal about their dislike regarding her. This probably ended Gretchen and Slade dismissal from the show while Vicki was left to carry on.

Vicki Gunvalson after many plastic surgery

Apart from the divorcing her husband, Vicki Gunvalson went through another mental torture, her beloved boyfriend, Brooks Ayers was diagnosed with cancer. Note however, that there are those who believe her boyfriend may have used cancer as a means of garnering pity and undeserved attention. Then earlier this year, she lost her mom. Now with all the drama already going on in Vicki’s life, she had to deal with scrutiny from the public every single minute.

Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery

When asked about her many dates with plastic sessions, she was quick to point out that having children does take a toll on the body and for someone like her who is ever in front of the camera, she has to look good. As far as she is concerned, if looking good means going for plastic surgery, then she is happy to go with it. On the contrary, she says she might be happy to go for a plastic surgery, but she tries her best to avoid them.

Vicki Gunvalson before and after plastic surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, Vicki has probably had the majority of the procedure done on her. It is a known fact that she has had a breast augmentation done. Also very obvious is the work done on her nose and chin. In an interview with Star pulse back in 2013, Vicki vowed she was done with plastic surgery.

Vicki’s presence on The Real House Wives of Orange County brought her in the limelight. Apparently being in front of the camera most days probably made Vicki to face her worst fears. There is no doubt that there is some amount of deeply buried insecurity and this self-doubt is the reason behind her so many plastic surgeries. She herself made it clear on many occasions how being on camera meant she had to look her best all the time but it seems for Vicki looking her best is a synonym for undergoing a surgery.


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