Vivica A Fox plastic surgery

Vivica A. Fox Several plastic surgeries for black goddess

Vivica A. Fox Several plastic surgeries for black goddess

Vivica A. Fox is an American actress and a TV producer. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that her pretty looks steal people’s attention. In addition, she has good acting skills. Over the years, there have been rumors that she has undergone several plastic surgeries. She has accepted some of those rumors and has denied others. However, before and after photos confirms most of the rumors since her beauty enhancements can be seen. It’s believed she has performed lip augmentation, breast augmentation, and a nose job. Further, it is said she has also undergone Botox and lip injections. This is not a shock since many black celebrities have undergone plastic surgeries. Let’s look at the types of plastic surgery procedures she has done;

Vivica A Fox plastic surgery

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

When we look at her before and after photos, it’s clear that her nose has been fixed. Today, most people prefer a narrow nose bridge and a sharp nose tip. From some photos that were taken before the procedure, her nose had lower nasal bridge and was bulbous. Her current photos show a wider lower nasal bridge and are bulbous hence it was done well. In addition, she had a large nose before but the current one look well chiseled.

Botox injection

It has made her face flawless and sometimes she looks unnatural. The injection has completely removed her aging signs. She is 51 years old but looks younger than her age compared to most women out there. There are clear signs that she has used Botox in her chin and cheek areas. She has admitted having had some minor Botox injection. This has preserved her look and looks much younger.

Breast implants

Her breasts have undergone some transformation which is evident in her before and after photos. The implants have changed her breast size and shape. They look rounder, fuller and bigger. Immediately after the procedure, a camera captured her breasts that looked stretched and rippled. The silicone could have given her breast the bumpy look. In addition, her breasts looked too big for her body. She was later fixed which gives her the current gorgeous look. Her set of breasts looks huge and full. At her age, she definitely has good breasts. Even the critics have appreciated the look of her breasts. In fact, she actually accepted in public having undergone the procedure.

Vivica A Fox before and after plastic surgery

Lip injections

Many female celebrities prefer to have pout trout lips. Looking at her before and after photos, her lips look fuller which is a clear confirmation that her lips were injected. Her lips look plumper which creates some speculation she may have undergone the knife. The lips were done in a way that matches the beautiful look she has on her face.

Vivica A. Fox is one of the black celebrities who is well known for her desirable looks. Most of her plastic surgery procedures were successful. She has confirmed most of these rumors which have won the respect of many of her fans. As one of the big dark names, her procedures have given her a new look which has contributed to her acting success. Being in her early 50’s, she looks finer with time. There is no doubt she is one of the most beautiful black celebrities in Hollywood.


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