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Wendy Williams plastic surgery. Is it enough?

What if You had a choice to correct everything you don’t like about yourself just by paying it and enduring a little pain? That is the question many celebrities ask them self’s before going on a plastic surgery. The question that pops up later is – Would you have made the same decision?

In the recent time, one of the most mentioned celebrities on internet headlines is Wendy Williams and her’s cosmetic procedures.
A tall, big, vigorous and loud, we might say quite a woman that is approaching 60’s has accomplished quite a lot in her career. She has been an published author, actress and she even has her own show. In US she is definitely one of the biggest celebrities. As other celebrities hide their plastic surgeries, Wendy Williams tells no lies about them. She openly talks about them and she is wearing them proudly.
Wendy Williams after plastic surgery

Breast plastic surgery

She openly admits that she was not satisfied with what Mother Nature had granted her in the breasts department. Even though some people criticized her breast and telling that her breasts look unnatural and fake did not seem to bother her.

Wendy Williams before and after plastic surgery


Liposuction is one more thing she admits. After giving birth to a son liposuction was needed to put things where they were before pregnancy. Surely that was the right thing to do knowing what pregnancy does to a woman’s body.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Nose job can be done for health issues of just for esthetic one. Wendy hasn’t confessed doing rynoplasty but a trained eye, looking at before and after pictures, can spot differences between young and present Wendy. Her nose looks less bulbous and thick at the tip. Her nose drills look bigger and pulled a little back.

Wendy Williams before and after plastic surgery

Botox injections

Her skin is glowing! I have never seen a person that is in her age that has skin like that. It is obvious that she is using some kind of filler for her face. Probably Botox injections.
Queen of plastic surgery, in our opinion, has reached a limit of operations that can be done without calling it a disaster. Wendy, you look great but it is time to stop going on cosmetic procedures.

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