Winona Ryder plastic surgery

Winona Ryder and plastic surgery procedures

Winona Ryder Plastic Surgeries

Winona Ryder was born on 29th October in the year 1971 in Olmsted County, Minnesota. At the age of seven, they moved to a commune known as Rainbow in California where they lived with seven other families. Winona started her acting career in 1985 when she sent her videotaped audition reciting a monolog. Winona debuted in the movie known as Lucas in the year 1986 and later acted Beetlejuice film which gave her a significant recognition. She is an American actress who has featured in many films such as Little Women, Dracula, The Letter, The Dilemma, Experimenter, The Iceman and many others.

Winona Ryder plastic surgery

Did Winona Ryder Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The 45-year-old actress has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. Most of her fans have also rumored that she has had some physical changes. Plastic surgery has become a common need for many stars. They do it to remove aging signs, health reasons or even making their appearance great. Winona is no exception to cosmetic procedures mainly because she has been in the movie industry for a long period. It is believed that she has undergone these surgeries to make her appearance look the best just like many actresses and actors do. When you compare her before and after pictures, you will notice these changes and this had become a burning topic among many people around the globe until she confirmed to some of the rumors.


The American actress is believed to have had a nose job surgery which is clearly seen in her before and after photos. But the question is, is the rumor true or false? Her nose job is something that was further clarified by a plastic surgeon that Ryder had had rhinoplasty to make her nose tip look refined. Looking at her before pictures, you will see that Winona’s nasals and nose tip were not narrower as they appear now in her after surgery photos.

Her nose tip looks more refined and her nasals appear to be narrower making it compatible with her facial frame. Ryder’s new slimmer nose looks to be more attractive after having her rhinoplasty surgery which has made her even appear among the world’s most stunning faces.

Brow Lift

Winona is also rumored of having plastic surgery around her eyes. Her eyes are seen to be bigger than during her youthful days. This is speculated to be a blow lift procedure which she did to make her eyes look bigger. The brow lift has made her big brown eyes to remain the central point of her face reflecting the beauty in her.

Winona Ryder before and after plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

There are also rumors that Winona Ryder has had breast augmentation; however, her bust size varies depending on the cloth she is wearing. Other people speculate her breasts are not a result of implant, but it is due to wearing tape and push up bras which are 32D cup size. This may not be the case because, in her first film appearance, Winona was not seen having big breasts. But we can see later as she advanced in her career, she started appearing on the red carpet having bigger breasts which aroused suspicion to her fans. With the increased size of her breasts, it is doubtful that it is probably a push-up bra that makes her appear to have big breasts. It is believed that this is a result of breast enhancements.

Nevertheless, credit should be given to Ryder for maintaining her wrinkle free and youthful look. Her face looks flexible and full as well without any signs of facelifts that are intended to make the skin tight.


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