Zoë Isabella Kravitz plastic surgery

Zoë Isabella Kravitz was born on December 1, 1988 in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.

She is an American singer, model and actress and the only child of actress Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz. Her parents got married in 1987 and divorced six years later. At that time she was five. For a few years she lived with her mother and then moved with Lenny.

Zoë has appeared in few films since 2007 like No reservations, The Brave One, X-Men: First Class, After Earth, Divergent and on shows like Californication. Zoe Kravitz sings in her band Lolawolf. Lenny and Lisa at first didn’t now even what kind of music is she playing and they couldn’t put it in any category or put a genre to it. Now her mum is playing it around the house and dad is super proud.

Zoe Kravitz plastic surgery

Zoë Kravitz plastic surgery

Looking at before and after pictures it easy to spot differences on her face. She is still young and plastic surgeries are not that much visible but experienced eye of a trained surgeon cannot be fooled. Her lips are a little bigger probably with Botox injections and her skin is glowing and is pretty tight. Cheeks are also looking augmented and Nose job is pretty obvious and now is more compatible with her face. Did she get what she was hoping for?

Zoë Isabella Kravitz plastic surgery

All work has been done on her face and she is looking more beautiful and attractive then ever.

Zoë Isabella Kravitz plastic surgery

On such a young woman like Zoe it is imperative to have limits using plastic surgery. In my opinion she could do breasts augmentation and that’s about it.


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