Zoe Saldana plastic surgery

Zoe Saldana – Technically Not Against Plastic Surgery

Zoe Saldana – Technically Not Against Plastic Surgery

Zoe Saldana was born on 19th June in the year 1978. She is an American actress and compelling dancer who loves ballet. The Avatar star has made exceptional performances with the FACES theater group. She also made her first appearance on screen in the Law and Order play in the year 1999. Her mainstream career commenced in the year 2000 where she featured in Center Stage followed by Crossroads in the year 2002. She has also featured in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, and Curse of the Black Pearl.

Zoe is among the few celebs who is tremendously comfortable under her suntanned skin and has been severally heard saying she will always respect her community no matter her complexional looks. She also featured in many other films after avatar and her appearance has made many people wonder whether she has undergone some plastic surgery procedures to look more stunning as she is.

Zoe Saldana plastic surgery

Has Zoe Saldana undergone plastic surgery?

Some years back, we heard about Zoe Saldana plastic surgery speculations, and by that time there were no proofs on the rumors. However, recently we can proof that the 38-year-old actress may have had undergone plastic surgery. When Zoe was asked about her stance on plastic surgery, she said that she wasn’t against it and she has respect for people who are not ashamed of her natural appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Zoe seems to have had breast implants; this is shown by her before and after photos. In her before photos, we see Zoe having a flat chest but her recent photos we see her having a bit more full chest. When asked about it, Zoe says that breast implants are something she had decided to go for. She actually wanted to have the surgery early enough but postponed the plan due to her pregnancy. She said that she never had breast implants reason being she was keener with her butt appearance. She even confessed that when she was a teen, she always fascinated the ideal butt size because she thought it was an indication of beauty, but now that she is mature she will always appreciate the worth of her natural looks.

Zoe Saldana plastic surgery


Rumors have said that Zoe’s stunning looks especially her jaw and nose are a result of a perfect plastic surgery. Examining her before and after photos, there are signs of possible nose job procedures. Her nose is seen to be slightly pointed compared to her before pictures which in the showbiz industry are a result of cosmetic surgery.

Post-Pregnancy Surgery

Most post pregnancy surgeries are being carried out especially by women who want a prolonged career life in the fashion industry. These surgeries help women to get back into their shape after pregnancy. Zoe Saldana is believed to have undergone post-pregnancy surgery procedures because she even admits that she was ready to go for breast implants after her pregnancy. After her pregnancy, she seems to have gone back to her shape which explains she might have gone for post-pregnancy surgery. Zoe also openly says that she does not see any problem of undergoing surgeries such as liposuctions, as well as breast implants if that is what it takes to get back to one’s career demands.

It is true that Zoe Saldana has slight signs of plastic surgery procedures; however, she does not seem to be a much fan of cosmetic procedures, though as we can see in the article, she is not technically against it.


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